Homemade Play Doh

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brandon detests play doh. He hates how messy it is and when it gets ground into our carpet.  I get it, but I also see the hours of play it provides to my kids. 

I have seen lots of recipes for homemade play-doh online, but settled on the one endorsed by a blog I subscribe to, The Handmade Home. Here is her recipe. The pretty colors sold me.

So we got to work, Lucy and Clark at my side.

Once we had a blank slate with white dough, we started adding the food coloring. It was a good lesson in mixing colors.

Aren't those pretty?

The play doh is AWESOME! I couldn't believe what a smooth texture it was, and it even improved after being played with once or twice. It has been at least a month since we made it, and it is still in great shape. I keep it in a snapware container.

After we were done playing for a while, I looked over and saw Lucy in all of her domesticness, just slicing up some strawberries. She's the best, oh I love her.

When I watched her, wearing her little apron that I made for her when we lived in Elk Grove when she was only 2, it made me nostalgic. It was de ja vu, looking at her from the back with the apron on. So, I looked through my picture archives and found almost the exact same shot, but with her diaps and chunky baby legs. It is so cute and so tragic to see how big she has become. Nevertheless, I love the comparison.

She was so intoxicating!

Now at 6 1/2, she is my best little friend, and tells me what a perfect mother I am. Even when I am upset and losing my temper, she tells me and it reels me back in. Oh how thankful I am to be her mom!

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  1. I LOVE THIS. Everything about it! What fun making the homemade play dough, and I just love what you wrote about Lucy. I can relate so much, particularly about it being so cute but so tragic about how big she has gotten. Perfectly put. Miss you girlfriend! -S

    1. Thank you, my dear Sarah! I love reading your blog, too. I check it often. I love seeing all the adventures your little fam goes on. So fun!

  2. Oh Lu! She is such a clone of you. Love her hair up and that adorable comparison picture from when she was little. So sweet. Love and miss you guys!! xx