March & April 2015

Monday, November 14, 2016

Partying at Chick-Fil-A and getting some seriously awesome Spiderman face paint!

Lucy's class had an etiquette feast in her class (a Montessori tradition). It was fun to come help!

Talk about lucky kiddos!

Lucy and Sophia

It was arts and crafts time for Brandon as he sketched his master plans for our backyard

Getting gardening tips from Jeff Keay

 We all gathered together for my Grandma's 96th birthday, and we couldn't let an opportunity pass to paint her nails. She ALWAYS had them painted. She told me she used to paint them every 2 days!

I'm not sure who took this picture of Baxter, but seriously, he's a character.

Playing Animal Jam while FaceTiming cousin Ella. These kids are too funny.

My dad's birthday card for Brady boy

For his birthday dinner, Brady chose to go to Red Lobster (of course). It was a MAJOR feast.

Rich took Brady deep sea fishing in Monterey for his birthday. Brady had the best time!

Catching lizards just like her bros

 2/3 kiddos asleep on me

Now we got a full house :)

A temple trip with my young women leaders...I was SO lucky to serve with such incredible women.

Trying on classes at Target and text Jess to see which she liked best.

Charlie + Addison...I have always thought they are like little twinners!

The boys' favorite book "The Book With No Words", especially this page, which Charlie kisses because he loves it so much. 

 Kara received a Crystal Apple Award, an award given to exceptional teachers, voted on by LDS youth.

My Dad's birthday card to Brando. Happy 35th Babe, love those eyes!

Tying flies at his workshop in the garage

 Lucy working hard at our Mormon Helping Hands service project

Peeing in the garage...

We planned an activity at the temple with our young women, love these girls!

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