February 2015

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How many boys can we fit around a computer watching YouTube videos?

Brady got to go deep sea fishing in Monterey with Grandpa Fox. He loaded up on dramamine and warm clothes and was just fine.

My Grandma McKinley turned 96 at the end of January. We celebrated at Mexico Lindo. I bought her a watch (although I don't think she used it!). She had a hard time remembering whose birthday it was and kept getting surprised when we told her it was HER birthday. :)

Out in his fly-tying shop, where he spends most of his free time

Some of his bounty: Pat's Rubber Legs


One of the wrestling tournaments the Sierra Sabers organized

Brady had some bloodwork done to make sure he wasn't deficient in anything, he checked out just great. He was super nervous beforehand though.

One day while at Target, Brady decided to tie his loose tooth to some string and then tied it to the sliding door, closed the door, and out popped the tooth! Sad thing was that we couldn't find the tooth to give to the Tooth Fairy. 

Brandon's new GoPro gear. I think he's set!

This girl...one afternoon, Brandon and I were heading out to run an errand, and we see Lucy walking home while writing something. We pull up to her, and there she was, doing her homework. It brought tears to my eyes because her brother can make homework time soooo difficult, it's so nice that she cares about just getting it done!

This girl and her checklists...I love it.

It's always so freezing at my parents' house. Jess is always wearing this jacket when she's home, and I  had to take a pic when I went for it. It really was cozy!

Poor Charlie

Valentine's Cookies at Granny's

Our family one day post church

January 2015

Friday, March 4, 2016

After all the hype of the holidays (always a doozy), it was time to take down the decorations.

Charlie made a bed out of a box and actually used it!

2 cute boys excited to spend Granny's gift card at Target

Brady and Max taking a break at a wrestling tournament

Catching fish at the Outdoor Show with Grandpa and cousins

For one of Brady's cub scout requirements, he had to make a treat for his family. He chose a huge skillet cookie, it turned out perfect!

Oh Baxter...pretty sure I didn't take this. 

Christmas 2014

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lucy and I (plus friends Leah and Eleanor) attended the Nutcracker Ballet. It has become an instant tradition for us girls, we loved it!

Our friend Makayla Larsen

 After, we made a stop for some Pinkberry

We love it when the Utah Foxes visit, it really is the highlight of the season!

We hosted the Fox Family for Christmas Eve, we're talking around 80+ people. It was so fun! My family joined us as well.

After the party, Lucy read us all my favorite Christmas book, "I Believe In Santa Claus"

Poor Brady still recovering from his skin issues

We let them all sleep under the tree

Next morning, we had cheese fondue and a delicious breakfast spread with special punch made by Brandon. Lucy and Brady got Kindles from Santa.

Later at Grandma & Grandpa Fox's...sitting IN the lego bin, comfy!

Lucy's new Fox shirt from the Wollesens

One night, all of the the Fox siblings and spouses went roller skating, Brandon had fun working it!

And more yogurt at Yogurtland after...oh how I love these people!