Christmas 2014

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lucy and I (plus friends Leah and Eleanor) attended the Nutcracker Ballet. It has become an instant tradition for us girls, we loved it!

Our friend Makayla Larsen

 After, we made a stop for some Pinkberry

We love it when the Utah Foxes visit, it really is the highlight of the season!

We hosted the Fox Family for Christmas Eve, we're talking around 80+ people. It was so fun! My family joined us as well.

After the party, Lucy read us all my favorite Christmas book, "I Believe In Santa Claus"

Poor Brady still recovering from his skin issues

We let them all sleep under the tree

Next morning, we had cheese fondue and a delicious breakfast spread with special punch made by Brandon. Lucy and Brady got Kindles from Santa.

Later at Grandma & Grandpa Fox's...sitting IN the lego bin, comfy!

Lucy's new Fox shirt from the Wollesens

One night, all of the the Fox siblings and spouses went roller skating, Brandon had fun working it!

And more yogurt at Yogurtland after...oh how I love these people!

December Highlights

This big boy became officially potty trained in December. I love love love those little boy buns, or lack thereof. :) He was a champ, no accidents through the day or night after about a week of training.

We have a little tradition at the dinner table (that is, when we're not eating in a rush at the counter!) where we have a little pig. The pig watches everyone eating, and if someone isn't having good manners, they get the pig, which means they get to clean up dinner. Charlie really likes the pig.

Not even posed at all! I actually don't really mind folding laundry, it gives me an excuse to sit and watch a show or two, which is a huge luxury these days. Getting the kids to put their clothes away is a different story.

Our Christmas tree, half decorated

One day, I was sitting on the couch during the late morning and heard a "Boom!" not unlike the sounds the garbage truck makes when it is making its rounds. A few minutes later, I noticed a buzz going on outside our house. I opened the door and looked outside, and this magnificent oak tree that was really the highlight of our neighborhood had crashed and fallen during a storm. It was pretty insane, and sad. We figure the tree wasn't getting enough water with the drought, we'd noticed it wasn't looking too good. And the huge miracle in it all is that there were no cars or kids where the tree fell. Our neighborhood gets a lot of school foot and car traffic, what a huge relief no one was hurt. It took our neighbors a few weeks to chop up and get rid of the tree. 

Clark and friend Addison by the poor tree

More results from the storm

Our vent hood was one of the last projects to finish in our house. We were stumped for so long on how to cover it. We finally had a custom cover made, and B got to put it up. It looks awesome!

We have since tiled all the way up to the ceiling. 

One adventure in potty training, this guy needed to go while he was scootering, so he decided to just go in the street. At least it wasn't in his pants!

Snug as a bug in a rug

 We had a puzzle contest to see who could do a puzzle the fastest.

 Look who smoked his brother and sister! He's a puzzle whiz.

 Poor Brady got a skin infection from something he picked up at wrestling. We tried just about every treatment imaginable: fungal, bacterial, viral. I believe it was impetigo in the end.

 Me and Lu going for jog after Christmas. She smoked me and was wondering why I wasn't going faster. That cross country was good for her. 

Wrestling, wrestling, wrestling...

New York Days 5-6

Monday, February 1, 2016

On Sunday, we woke up, got gussied up, and headed to church. Brandon liked this sign at the subway station:

The chapel was on the 3rd of 4th floor of this building

After church, we headed to Central Park. It was dreammmmy. I can only imagine what it's like in the summer and fall.

I really wanted to eat at Tavern on the Green. I loved the charm we got to experience for brunch.

Jennifer & Lukie Bear

The building where John Lennon lived and was shot in front of

Levain Bakery...delicious, fresh cookies!

Happy Land...where Brandon got a massage one night. He fell in love, though how shady does it look?

Taylor Swift's apartment, one block from Jennifer & Colin's place

Jen's Building, all decked out for fall

Vegging out at the end of the day

We headed back home early in the morning...

And in a few hours, we arrived in sunny California. The sun felt SOOOO good!