Saturday, March 28, 2015

August is such a busy month for our family. We celebrate our anniversary, Clark and Lucy's birthdays, it's back to school, and soccer among everything else.

We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary! We went to downtown Sacramento and ate at Cafeteria 15L, it's such a great place!

He makes me laugh when we take pictures

We went to a Boston/Doobie Brothers Concert in the bay area with my parents. On our way there, we stopped by my Grandpa's gravesite. I sure miss that guy!

A word about classic rock concerts...they SURE attract some interesting people. It actually makes me kinda uncomfortable if I'm being honest. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. :)

Lucy's work of art, some shavings of some sort (I can't remember) in the backyard

Just my baby playing on a mound of dirt

Swimming with cousin Andrew at Cameron Park Lake

Brady went on a field trip and my friend was his chaperone. She took a picture of him with the love note I sent in his lunch. :) I love that he always saves my notes and I find them in his pockets.

Lucy's Sacrament meeting artwork

These brothers playing at Blue Oak. I love these pictures.

I have a zillion pictures of a sleeping Charlie, and there's still not enough

Charlie picked out a "few" books he wanted me to buy at Deseret Book

Charlie thinks it's hilarious to wear my glasses

I haven't even shared 1% of the projects we have done to our house. So I kind of feel like where do I start? But here are a few things we did to our backyard. An outdoor drinking fountain:

And a cement pad for a shed:

Brandon assembling said shed:

Lucy (and Clark) working on her new Lego set she got for her birthday

Soccer teammates walking home after practice

In Young Women news, each year we have a Boat Regatta race with the Young Men at our Bishop's house. It is so fun!

For Activity Days, the girls had a beauty night with makeovers. They got the whole nine yards, let me tell you. They even had a photo shoot.

1st Day of School 2014

Another school year kicked off to a start early August. I sure do hate that they start so early, especially when it's still so hot outside. But we really had a great summer, especially with our pool pass, and I always love back-to-school shopping and buying new school supplies. :)

Brady: 5th Grade, Lucy: Third Grade, Clark: Transitional Kindergarten

Clark and his saintly teacher Mrs. Sarlotte

These two veterans. This is the last and only time I'll ever have 3 kids at the same school. :(

Lucy and a few of her girlfriends in her class. This year she has Mr. Morton, who was Brady's 2nd grade teacher.

Brady always embarrassed by his mom taking pictures of him. This year he has Mrs. Leonetti.

Charlie and I came home and snuggled in bed, enjoying our time together

He sat and played legos in my bed for a while as I dozed in and out. It was awfully nice!

Clark Turns 5

Friday, March 27, 2015

Clarkie Boy turned 5 in August! He is my little sweetheart for sure. So athletic and happy-go-lucky and carefree (and a little squirrelly!). He was so excited to celebrate his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's. Among his presents were the Lego Movie and some new Ninja Turtle gear from Grandma and Grandpa Fox.

Lucy Turns 8

An 8th birthday is quite a big deal in our church because that is when children are baptized and begin to be accountable for their choices. I feel our Lucy is definitely ready for such a responsibility.

She started off her birthday with a breakfast trip to Train Station Cafe with Grandma and Grandpa Fox. She was so happy and ate a full plate of french toast. That girl can EAT!

This year was her turn for a "friend" birthday party, so she decided to go roller skating. Let me tell you, kids aren't practicing on roller skates like they used to when we were kids. These poor kids didn't know what they were doing. They were falling left and right and a few of the girls were in tears several times. But they always kept at it and kept trying.

Luckily they had these little walkers for the kids, so we rented a few so they could get their footing

In line for the limbo

Brady got to invite his buddies, they are such goofballs and I love them!

These girls were sure happy to take those skates off at the end!