Friday, January 31, 2014

Family Portraits 2013

We were so lucky to have our family portraits taken again by our friend Mariea Rummel. She is a miracle worker and manages to get great shots of my busy family! I just love them.

Christmas 2013

Ward Christmas Party:

Brandon has always wanted a nativity in our yard. He decided to build one this year. He bought the pattern and tracing paper on Amazon, purchased some plywood, bought himself a jigsaw, and got to work.

 Here it is before being painted white:
 It turned out beautiful. We need to get a spotlight for it next year. I'm always so impressed with what he is capable of when he sets his mind to it.

Christmas Eve: Sprinkling the reindeer food all over the grass

I have no idea how this picture is animated, but I'll lo it.

We opened our presents on Christmas morning at home. Brandon's parents and sister Kara joined us for a nice breakfast: waffles, bacon, eggs, Brandon's juice cocktail, and my family tradition of cheese fondue.

In the evening, we headed over to Grandma's house to open more presents.

So very appropriate.


A peek into our December:

This boy has been climbing out of his crib for months. But luckily, he can't open doors yet. When I check on him during his naps, I have to open the door really slowly and carefully to make sure I don't hit him in case he fell asleep right by the door. Of course, before falling asleep, he must first empty the kleenex box.

Visiting our new buddy Sam Bailey! So cute! 

Brady took a trip for 3 days to Coloma with his class. I was really nervous about letting him go on a trip like this all alone, but he was in HEAVEN. Honestly, gold panning, being in the outdoors, learning how to live off the land... it couldn't have been more perfect for my adventurous boy! Here he is when I went to pick him up in his class, playing on his classroom Chromebook. He said he didn't want to come home. :)

Love his little bear cub feet 

Since we live across the street from the kids' school, I'll occasionally steal them to come have lunch with me at home. This is me and Lu during our date, I didn't get a picture of Brady. 

Helping at Lucy's class Christmas party 

Poor baby sick with a fever 

Lucy's Christmas performance 

Brady is the Marble Run master. He is so good at making these. This one was ridiculously tall. 

At the BYU bowl game at Giants stadium. This was one FUN night! 

The next day, we went back into the city. We stopped at Boudin, took a sightseeing tour on the Blue and Gold fleet, ate at Grotto No. 9, and tried to survive the CRAZY crowds. I don't think I'd ever seen SF so busy. 

The best (meaning worst) part of the day was while driving home. Brady became sick and threw up all over himself and his seat (despite having a plastic bag in his hands). And...he had eaten clam chowder earlier. Can I just say, Brandon and I were fighting the dry heaves the whole drive home. It was a VERY long hour and a half. We had to stop at Chick-Fil-A to grab a peppermint shake just to get a different taste in our systems.

I saw this quote on TV and snapped a picture - I love a good quote! 

Out to breakfast at the Train Station Cafe