New York Days 1-2

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It was a dream come true when we were able to take a trip to New York, purely for pleasure. We haven't traveled very much in the past, but I think we may have been bitten by the travel bug. 

My awesome mom watched our kids the whole time we were away. No easy feat to do alone!

On our first excited!!!

Pit stop in Salt Lake City

Complete with Cafe Rio

And you guys, the best part??? Seeing freaking Mitt Romney as we boarded our second flight. Oh my goodness, how I love him. It was possibly the best moment of my life. :) Brandon was dying that I took this picture. Obviously sweet Mitt, flying on a coach Delta flight, didn't want to be noticed. 

We arrived around midnight to my high school best friend Jennifer's apartment. She lives in TriBeCa in Manhattan. I imagined she had a cool apartment, but I was incredible! Way nicer than I ever would have imagined. More pictures later in the post.

Our first morning out and about. It was early November and definitely brisk, although this was probably the warmest day of our stay.

First stop: The Doughnut Plant

I of course wanted to stop by the neighboring bagel shop

Jennifer had a 10-month old baby at the time and was so sweet to come out with us when she could. We made a nursing pit stop at Freeman's. This place was oozing charm.

Dean & Deluca


I couldn't get enough of the character in every scene

Washington Square Park

Some brownstones. I'll never forget passing by one brownstone and peeking in at the perfectly decorated, cozy home inside. There was a golden retriever sitting by the window, the house was so appealing and made a big impact on me.

Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone from Sex and the City

Magnolia Bakery (and check out those cool hand muff's attached to Jen's stroller!)

Lunch at The Spotted Pig, a pub-like restaurant that is owned by Jay-Z. Look at that front porch decorated for the fall. Sigh.

The Meat Packing District

Then we hit the Highline

Which led us to Chelsea Market. It reminded me of the Ferry Building in SF.

Brady would have loved all of the interesting fresh seafood

The best hot chocolate ever in the history of hot chocolate

Our first subway ride of the trip. It sure is a convenient, affordable system.

This was in front of a church, I can't remember the significance, but there was some history there

I loved this scene so much. I swear, in every movie that is set in NYC, there are always those guys working in a big hole in the street. It seemed like an exaggeration, but here they were, in the middle of the street, working on something important. It made me laugh.

That night Jen and Collin treated us to a very fancy meal at Locanda Verde. We were lucky to get a seat at this hot spot.

We covered a ton that first day. We were wiped and ready for bed by 10:00.