Fox Family Photos

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Family photos with the Foxes. Love this family!


The jokes are always rolling with these guys!

Open House 2015

Brady: 5th Grade with Mrs. Leonetti
Lucy: 3rd Grade with Mr. Morton
Clark: T-K with Mrs. Sarlotte

Spring Break 2015: Utah!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

For spring break, I got brave and took all 4 kids to Utah! It was a wonderful trip. I love the empowering feeling of being on an adventure with my kids. I feel like the kids are better behaved and are fulfilled by these adventures, too. 

 Charlie boy taking a snooze buried in his blankie

We took so many versions of this photo, trying to find the right one. We stopped by McDonald's and Jamba Juice for breakfast in Roseville on our way out.  

This is a cherished moment the kids talk about years later. We stopped at the Salt Flats and ran around. It was a unique experience for me because I remember calling out to the kids to come back, but there was literally nothing for the sound to bounce off of, and my voice seemed to get absorbed into the air. It was so very quiet! 

Brady bottled up some of the salt to bring home with him. 

At the Bean Museum with cuz Spencer 

We met Uncle Mike for lunch at the BYU Museum of Art cafe 

Testing out my new selfie stick I bought at the MOA gift shop, my favorite little store! 

We met up with the Haderlies, our friends from Chiropractic school. I adore this picture, look at all of these cuties! 

The new Provo City Center Temple...under construction and almost done! 

Bruges Waffles on Center St 

Playing basketball at the Fox's in the rain 

Swimming at the Provo Rec Center, the kids' favorite 

Just outside of the BYU Bookstore. Charlie was all bundled up and was having a bit of a tantrum! Big brother was a good helper. 

It is our family tradition to take our kids to a session of General Conference when they turn 8. We hoped to get into the Saturday afternoon session, but we didn't luck out with standby tickets. But, we did get to enjoy it sitting on the grass at Temple Square. We stopped by Deseret Book too.

 This was a highlight for us!  Meeting John Bytheway and getting his signature on his new book about getting answers to prayers and developing a testimony. I ended up sharing a lot of what he wrote with our young women. It is excellent!

Waiting in the Tabernacle, hoping to get into the session. 

I spotted the Pothier family whose blog I have read for years. I introduced ourselves and said how much I loved her blog and also told her how we were doing her "Daughters of God" program with our YW. They were so sweet and friendly!

Aunt Sarah took the kiddos on a hike up the Y. All of the kids were so awesome, especially Lucy!