Friday, January 30, 2015

Camping in Redwoods 2014

Oh camping in the Redwoods...the strongest Fox family tradition there is. The kids wait all year for this trip. Every summer, we trek 8 hours to the California/Oregon border and camp for a week. 

This year we traveled in Brandon's truck and pulled a tent trailer. The bathroom and sink in the trailer was a game changer, but other than that, I'm totally fine with tent camping! We drove up about 5 hours and set up camp at midnight in an RV park. The next morning, we felt like sitting ducks in the middle of nowhere with the morning sun already beating on us. Not my favorite! But, we did take showers in their nice bathrooms and got a taste for RV living!

I didn't get nearly enough photos this year, but what I lacked in photos, Brandon's brother Evan more than made up for with this AMAZING video he made with his GoPro. You guys, it's incredible. Watch it. Thank you forever and ever Evan for capturing all of those memories so beautifully!

Needless to say, all 3 brothers now own GoPros. :)

Stout Grove

I adore Eliza's smile in this. I realized she wasn't in the picture with the girls, so I told her to get in there. She loved being with the big girls!

The ladies man getting buried by a bunch of teenaged girls

Trees of Mystery aka Paul Bunyan

This never gets old to the male species...

 One day while everyone went to Fern Canyon and Samoa Cookhouse, just our family went bowling and for a walk on the pier.

Jess + Matt's Open House

A few weeks after their beautiful wedding in Utah and honeymoon in Mexico, Jess and Matt had their Open House in Pleasanton. It was in my parents' backyard, and it looked lovely. The theme for the food was white, so we brought Root Beer Float Cookies with White Chocolate Chips. Jess looked stunning yet again (it's hard not to in that dress!), and it was fun to see them both relaxed and enjoying the party.

Passing the time doing what kids love most:


and his other half Brooke

Dr. Fox loosening up his brother-in-law

3 relaxed guys...

...until one crazy boy enters the scene

My darling 95 year-old Grandma

Mike and his cute friend Leah

Jess + BF Kelsey

Brandon's trying hard not to laugh in this one:

Brandon's many faces: