Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer List 2014

Today, as I called Brandon in desperation that our summer is slipping by and our kids are watching entirely too much TV, my thoughtful hubby decided to come up our annual summer list of activities. His list is more than twice as long as my typical list, so I think we'll have to be generous with our time frame.

Without further ado, The List:
  1. Camping 
  2. Bake cookies for a neighbor 
  3. Pool (15 times) 
  4. Play Glow in the Dark Frisbee 
  5. Fly a Kite 
  6. Play Tennis 
  7. Visit a farmers Market 
  8. Finish a Novel 
  9. Read a Book in the Book of Mormon as a Family 
  10. Sleepover (although as a rule, we don't do sleepovers) 
  11. Backyard Campfire 
  12. Make Smores 
  13. Movies (Tuesday Night) 
  14. Drive-In (Tuesday Night) 
  15. Regal $1 Movies 
  16. Watch Fireworks 
  17. Make Homemade Pizza 
  18. Visit Fish Hatchery 
  19. Go to a Cabin (Big Trees) 
  20. Go to a Giants Game 
  21. Play Hide and Seek at Night 
  22. Do a Science Experiment 
  23. Plant a Garden 
  24. Play Capture the Flag 
  25. Concert in the Park 
  26. Make Homemade Ice Cream 
  27. Build a Sand Castle 
  28. Teach Clark to Swim 
  29. Make popsicles 
  30. Visit Provo 
  31. Eat Gelato 
  32. Visit Downtown Placerville/Apple Hill 
  33. Visit a Museum 
  34. Visit the Zoo 
  35. Make a Bird House 
  36. Star Gaze/Learn a couple constellations 
  37. Make Sundaes
  38. Make Donuts 
  39. Go Miniature Golfing 
  40. Slip N' Slide 
  41. Have a Water Balloon Fight 
  42. Lotus Park 
  43. Visit Folsom Lake/Boating on Folsom Lake 
  44. Georgetown Waterslides 
  45. Light Fireworks 
  46. Go on a family Bike ride (5x) 
  47. Go Bowling 
  48. Go on a Zip line 
  49. Go to a Batting Cage 
  50. Go on a Picnic 
  51. Ride a Roller Coaster 
  52. Blow Bubbles 
  53. Visit a National/State Park 
  54. Game Night (Settlers/Uno/Phase 10$/Ticket to Ride) 
  55. Tube/Raft down a River 
  56. Go for a Hike 
  57. Go Fishing (2x) 
  58. Pick Berries 
  59. Visit a Cave 
  60. Gymnastics 
  61. Run 3 miles Adult/ 1 mile for the kids 
  62. Build a Shed/Concrete


Our stake YW volleyball tournament. Our girls were AWESOME! We are lucky to have several girls who are superstars. First place baby. Lucy was the mascot of the day.

My friend Bethany's new baby girl Holland. She is a little doll, and fits the mold of a Patrick baby perfectly.

We were swimming at my parents' house one night and Brandon went into a storage chest to get Clark a lifejacket. There was a huge black widow right on it. I don't even want to think about that spider biting Clark. So glad Brandon spotted it.

This was one special night. All of the YW presidencies in the area were invited to Elk Grove to hear YW General President Sister Oscarson speak. It was incredibly uplifting and inspiring to be in a collective setting with so many special women, especially Bethany and Laura.

These two...

Me mowing the lawn. Believe it or not, I get in trouble for mowing our lawn. Brandon likes full control over his baby.

My friends and I went to a book signing in Sacramento. We had the most delicious dinner and dessert, too. I felt like a total creeper hiding behind her like that.

On Brandon's last day of wrestling this year, my present for enduring the season was a Lululemon jacket. I actually ended up getting a different one, but I think I really prefer the one below. :)

This was a project we worked on over a period of time and finally completed. Brandon and I each wrote things about the other in these prints. They're quite a treasure.

Brandon and Brady making planter boxes for our garden. Too bad after all their work, we still haven't gotten around to planting anything.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Let's Go Giants!

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, makes Brandon more excited than sports. The Giants and BYU are his very favorites, with the Huskers, Kings, and Lions right behind. 

One of my favorite stories about Brandon is when we were in the car a few years ago, and the Giant's season was just starting. We were listening to the radio and a familiar song associated with Giants baseball came on before the game coverage began. I looked over and saw that his arms had huge goosebumps all over them. This emotion from the guy who rarely gets emotional about much of anything!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


These two little boys have me wrapped around their fingers. I love love them. Clark is my sweet loverly and Charlie is my snuggly, squishy wild man. I love keeping their company every day, amidst the chaos and craziness.

I've gotta say, I love having boys. They are fun and curious and creative and fun! But not for the faint of heart. :)

Family Fun

A few recent photos of our family...

Brady taking pictures during church...Hmm...

Puddle jumping on one of the few rainy days. I had a YW meeting this afternoon and Dad had everyone all ready to go when I pulled in the driveway.

Lucy is most resourceful. She scrounged up money to go on this ride all by herself. I would have given her some $ (probably), but she beat me to it.

A picture perfect afternoon

These two are great buddies. Clark adores Lucy. She is such a good sister. Here they are riding scooters and running through sprinklers.

A few minutes later, keeping toasty in towels and snow sleds

Hangin out with the Chick-fil-A cow

Another candid shot from does this keep happening?

Babysitting cousin Spencer

Going for a slow drive around the hood. Love this little gang.