Monday, October 6, 2014

End of School 2014

Open House:

Lucy had a great year in second grade. Her teacher was excellent. She always described Lucy as a little mother in class, always wanting to right wrongs and make sure everyone was taken care of. That's my girl.

Brady's Open House was not quite as exciting. It was here that we discovered he never fully completed his big mission project. Sometimes it's hard for me to suppress the frustration and sadness his lack of enthusiasm for school brings me. But, it was neat to see my Dad's Mission San Jose poster on the board. :)

Last Day of School: Making rainbow pancakes

Brady + Mr. Page (Mr. Page said Brady was his favorite kid in class, despite his lack of effort at times)

Lucy + Mrs. Enquist

Lucy + Nola

Odds and Ends

Hot tubbing with Granny

Triple Spideys!

Fishing with Uncle Ken and Vince

Strawberry picking at our local organic farm. This was one dreamy afternoon. Those are the kids running through the patches.

My high school BFF came to visit one afternoon when she was in California. It was so much fun to get to meet her little baby Luke! We are staying with her when we go to New York this November, I can't wait!

Lucy loved Luke. She is officially baby obsessed!

Clark's preschool graduation! He's so proud. :)

Getting his fishing fix

Slip 'N Slide

Brandon set up the slip 'n slide one spring afternoon. What a fun dad!

This poor baby always has bruises and cuts on his face