Home Sweet Home

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Going for a little ride in their new tractor/trailer:

Pit stop for a kiss from sister 

 I cannot take a shower without Charlie trying to pry open the door the whole time. This day, I had the shower going, and he wandered in, PJ's and all.

Clark fell asleep on the step one night 

So Charlie was sure to let him be...

 He sooo knows he was being a stinker

 Unfortunately he loves climbing the boys' bunk bed ladder

Brady post shower 

Lucy one day before school 

The next photos are courtesy of Lucy:

Why is Clark naked and apparently taking a bath in my sink?  

Brady and Lucy's math tests, the fruits of their labors!

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  1. Oh the shower! Why do we live such similar lives?! Your kids are beautiful, love the updates!

  2. Is that little man your baby!! He is getting so big. I love the "pit stop for a kiss;" melt my heart.